Cahootify + Social Media

Hello again, and welcome to my blog all about how to create a professional online identity through Cahootify, if you don’t know what Cahootify is then stick around, because by the end of this post you should have all you need to know to be an expert…

In this Blog we’re going to cover what it is, who it’s for, how to use it, and why to use it, along with combining it to your social media presence, and if you don’t think that social media can be useful in a professional sense then you should definitely stick around, Facebook isn’t just for posting selfies and posts all about your drunken regrets.

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So… What is Cahootify?

Good question, the technical answer is that it’s a media based platform that acts as a means to an end of either finding work or creating work around the topic of film. A.K.A. an online portfolio platform for production. The non technical answer is basically if you need a job or need to hire someone in the media or film industry, Cahootify is where you want to be looking.

The website is free to sign up to and has no subscription charges or anything like that, it allows payments to be chosen between users for work, so there aren’t any strict rules or high finders fee prices that they enforce, it’s done in a way where payment is tailored to suit the parties involved as they decide what happens. Their website describes it the best as they say “In return for someone joining your project, Cahootify allows you to offer whatever you wish – be that cash, profit-share points, expenses, “love and learning” or chocolate. We call that flexiconomic.” So essentially you work it out between yourselves, how fair is that?

Despite already having a solid set up, they have many more plans to further their business, and here is the list of features that they plan on introducing to Cahootify in the near future:

  1. Organise and categorise your list of saved profiles.
  2. Share a project with paid-up members only (and therefore also be able to view such projects).
  3. Limit who can see a project to particular individuals or categories of people from your list.
  4. Create a hub of selected associates who can communicate and share projects privately with each other.
  5. Share the management of a company profile.
  6. Share the management of a project in progress through light touch communal discussion and simple task assignment.
  7. Take advantage of a contractual framework that looks after things like profit-share points between team members.
  8. Crowdfund your projects (maybe).


Cahootify Logo below

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All of these features considered, Cahootify fills the gap in the market for job seekers and staff seekers for the film and media industry. It consists of profiles or accounts that can either be made professional for the hirer or personal for those getting hired, and it’s very easy to navigate.

There are a few main uses for Cahootify, you can use it to create a project, use it to form new groups for your projects, and use it to find work in the media and film industry. Through all of these features you’re able to show off and promote your work, recommend people you’ve worked with before, post incomplete projects to try and attract people to join your team and other useful things to try and boost your chances of success.

Who would use Cahootify?

Well here is who Cahootify said would be using their website… “Cahootify is for people who are committed, engaged and up for making stuff happen. People who know what it takes to build a career in the industry, are prepared to get on with it, and are seeking others to work with who match their commitment and professionalism.” This is them saying anyone who wants to be involved with film or media and can be bothered to put the effort in, Cahootify is for them. It could be argued that YouTube already has the whole ‘creating a video and getting it online’ thing sorted, but Cahootify has been made unique as, although YouTube and other media platforms exist, non are set up in this sort of way, the rest all allow uploads of finished products, where as Cahootify is for the stage before finishing, when you need someone else to come and work with you on your piece. It consists of people working on their projects that hire, and people that look for projects to be hired by, both sides of the spectrum brought together in one convenient place.

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A professional online identity…

This is the part where you find out that your social media accounts have to change a lot in order to become ‘professional’… you can’t have a timeline full of inappropriate content, otherwise you won’t be taken seriously (or professionally). But don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to make your accounts look hireable and sleek. The key to being successful on social media platforms really comes down to a handful of basics, if you manage to get these locked down then you should be away… Share-ability, relevance and updates. Think about it, of you’re making relevant things that people like and can share on a regular basis then what can go wrong? And if you’re updates on social media can relate or even promote your Cahootify profile (or any other beneficial content!) then you’ll be ticking a lot of boxes; promoting yourself in a professional manner, linking people to your profile, getting your recognition and chances of being hired raised, and more.

If you look at the way Cahootify is set up you’ll be able to see that it’s professional anywhere you look, be that on their websites home page, their twitter page or their Facebook page. On all of these pages they have the same logo, and you you can contact them on all of these platforms, there is consistency in their brand, again leading to a professional image. Everything and everyone has a brand, make sure to sell your individual brand as someone that is active(online wise), consistent, reachable, shareable likeable, relatable and all the good “ables” that there are, as that’s what’s going to give you your best starting point.

Keeping on the theme of social media and using it professionally, there are many ways that you can promote yourself through social media. Through the use of taxonomies and folksonomies. For example, Facebook has suggested pages, group chats, events on peoples personal calendar that you can arrange and many more useful features. Twitter has retweet and favourite (but they’ve made it heart now for some bizarre reason) and hashtags, these are all ways of spreading your online content to different parts of the digital world… Even Cahootify has hashtags, designed to inform the viewer of the experience of the user, as a green hashtag means experienced, and a grey hashtag means inexperienced, which is quite a clever feature, as you are more aware of what you’re getting when you hire someone from Cahootify’s website.

So that should be all you need to know about Cahootify and how to set yourself up online, if you’ve enjoyed this blog and want to read more of my content then just click HERE, thanks for reading, until next time, see ya.


Zorb Football…

Zorb Football LogoI don’t know if you’ll have heard of this or not, but basically there is a place called ZorbFootballuk where you book to go and play 5 a side with you and your mates … but with a twist. Every single player is wearing what looks like a big bubble, I know it sounds random and ridiculous, but it also sounds incredibly fun too!

Now I haven’t had the pleasure of playing a match myself, but with student discounts and outstanding reviews, I don’t think it’s gonna be long before I get the guys and go play a match or two. My friend Liam has been and he told me that it was such a laugh and he couldn’t wait to go again, to be honest with you I’m yet to hear or think anything bad about the idea.

Zorb Football FB Timeline Header

They deliver packages in Leeds, Manchester Sheffield and many more places across England, with up to fifty players… That sounds like the good type of mayhem. They have junior, youth and adult matches for men or women, corporate team building deals, they give 25% off with student discounts, and they even do stag and hen do’s, they literally cater for everyone. Their Stag and Hen do package isn’t just a title either, their website says it can include of of this! “A champagne reception, customised stag T-Shirts, VIP nightclub and gentlemans lounge entry, and even a sexy referee during your ZORB Football game!” They have a load of packages and the price changes, it all depends on how many of you there are and when you want to go.

You can book online or on the phone, so there’s no need to stress about how to do it or what you want to book, just call the helpful and professional staff and they’ll help you from there. And who knows, I might see you there.

This blog was written with my friend Jake, click his name to go see his blog, I definitely recommend it.

Thanks for reading, until next time, see ya.

Google’s ‘How to best show your content online’… Website edition

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Hello again, so today I was given a talk by a Google employee about how to best showcase your business and online content, they came to Leeds Trinity University as part of employability enterprise week to provide info about ‘enhancing digital visibility’, and here are all the important bits I’ve picked out for you to read through…

So basically when you’re talking about creating a business online you’ll obviously need a website. (I doubt you’ll disagree since 83% of people in the U.K. class themselves as online regularly.) And there are three main aims for you to work by when creating your webpage:

  1. Build a consumer friendly website.
  2. Learn how to gain consumer insights/measure success.
  3. Boost your social presence, tell your story through content.

If you stick to those then you’re well on the way to setting up a successful website. Although you will need to make sure that it’s formatted correctly, what this means is that it will work on phones, tablets, desktops etc. and you can check if it will by going to to see if everything’s okay. And make sure not to annoy people by asking loads of personal details questions straight away, let them connect and get involved before you ask them all that, Google have an advert that puts online question in real life situations, click HERE to watch it, I recommend that you do.

Here are some facts given by the Google employee: 77% of people in the U.K. buy something online every month, the average yearly spend is £2,000 (and it’s rising), Company growth and job creation will be doubled through an online presence, and you’ll be 50% more likely to sell outside of your local region.


Here is an image from the slideshow with steps for social media…

Websites are looking pretty useful now aren’t they, and despite all of these statistics only 50% of small businesses/charities have websites, and most of those are basic information and hardly interactive, so just imagine the competitive advantage you’d put yourself at by having a well designed website!

Thank you for reading, until next time, see ya


Image used was taken by myself.

Google logo was a screenshot of their homepage.

All stats and facts were given by the Google employee during the talk.

Goal Line Technology

Goal line technology…

The beautiful game becomes the godly game – and it’s all down to the addition of goal line technology. The debate as to whether goal line technology should be implemented into football is one that has been going on for decades, and I for one am glad that it has.

You may lose a bit of banter with the lads over controversial goal opportunities but at the end of the day when it works in your favour you won’t be complaining. Take Geoff Hurst’s 1966 celebrated goal in the world cup final, how many people still taking about that today? This game is one of the most debated examples for goal line tech in sport, as it is the biggest tournament of the most popular game in the world, between two of the biggest rivals in world football. Yes, the linesman was adamant that the ball crossed the line, but we will never know for sure. If we did have goal line technology, then we could have sealed the deal there and then.

 Lampard’s disallowed goal against GermanyEngland vs Germany Lampard Goal

Do you want a more modern example? Okay, so I don’t know why I’m asking you this, but do you remember England vs. Germany in the 2010 South Africa World Cup? Well, just in case you don’t, Germany were two nil up against England when Frank Lampard fired an absolute rocket at the German goal, causing the underside of the crossbar to rattle uncontrollably whilst the ball quite clearly bounced over the line, visible to all but the linesman and the referee, keeping the score at 2-0. I think it’s safe to say that every single England supporter that saw that, seriously considered goal line technology to be a necessity from then on.

Although yes there is the rather purist argument that Football is the biggest sport in the world, and it has become such without the need of goal line technology or any type of technology for that matter. But when it comes down to it the positives outweigh the negatives easily, besides it’s only making the game fairer, so how is that a bad thing?

Thank you for reading, until next time, see ya.

Image of Goal

How To Be Noticed On Twitter

How to Be Noticed on Twitter

Taxonomy: This is a formal classification using a tiered structure. This basically means the set of rules a social networking site has that everyone using it needs to abide by. For example on twitter – the maximum character use per tweet is 140.

Folksonomy: This is the way that we as the user classify our own things. For example on twitter, the hash-tag is the main way we folksonomise our things. Hash tagging a certain word backs up the tweet in a way so others of similar interests can easily find what you think or say.

Twitter logo 2012

On twitter there are a number of taxonomy features, these include;

  • Reverse chronological order – On twitter you have a news feed where everyone you follows tweets show up, newest at the top and as you scroll further down we see tweets that were posted earlier.
  • Format – The format of twitter is really simple. All you can do is go from profile to profile rather than flick between groups.
  • Verification – Celebrities come verified on twitter, this lets us know who the real people are and who the fake profiles are. Although big accounts such as ‘The Lad Bible’ also are verified.
  • Retweet/Favourite/Share – On twitter we can Retweet other peoples tweets that we like, these then appear on our followers feed (this is the same as sharing). We can also favourite other peoples tweets. These don’t appear on our followers feed but now people can see what we favourite if they visit our profiles.
  • 140 characters – Twitter is unique in this way, like the old school SMS message twitter has a word limit per tweet. This makes twitter more quick and to the point than competitive sites.

The folksonomy features on twitter are less than sites like Facebook etc but here they are;

  • Hashtag – Users create hashtags in their tweets to allow others talking about the same thing to find them and communicate via the hash tag. For example, our class uses the #MFC4322
  • Lists – Users can create lists that allow everyone in the list to see people in the lists tweets. A lot of lists but hey who doesn’t like lists.

In terms of becoming more noticed on twitter you can use all the above features to help you get recognition on twitter. People may also tag famous celebrities to raise awareness of their profile. Also retweeting vines and things helps your account to be noticed.

Thank you for reading, until next time, see ya.

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Just a Sport…?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 15.55.56

“Football is just a sport that”… wait, it’s more than a sport, it’s a way of life. Yes that’s a bit of a Cliche, but it’s true! It’s a way of life that effects people of all ages, all backgrounds and all opinions. There aren’t many things that can claim that bragging right, and as it has such a wide influence in the world, it’s promoted on so many platforms. There’s supporters, live matches on sports channels, video games, footballs, football boots, and the list goes on, the amount of things that football are involved in is staggering.

The most popular platform for the younger fans is the video game FIFA, a game released annually that’s constantly getting improved. The hype and love around this game has caused the birth of a sub-culture of FIFA fans, with YouTube being the main medium for us all, there are some modern celebrities that have come from YouTube. My personal favourite is KSI for example, a person who won v-logger of the year for his content covering his life and his playing the game, he also has a book that has just come out which is his auto-biography to date, and he has his own popular clothing range called ‘Beast‘. This is a perfect example of the force football has in our world, as without it KSI wouldn’t exist as the millionaire YouTuber that we all know and love.

Another highly rated element of the football world is replica sportswear, how much do you think those boots are in the picture? Well Nike price their ‘Mecurial‘ boots for £150+ on their official website, showing how valued and advanced they are as there are so many technologies in football boots these days. Crazy right? There is actual technology in football boots.

Football shirts are also a major replica market, selling incredible amounts of shirts a season, Manchester United’s new signing (Memphis Depay) sold the 3rd most replica shirts this season so far, just less than Messi and Ronaldo, which is impressive for such a young player!

Sky Sports have been ahead of the curve with the popularity of football, hosting most premier league, Liga BBVA (Spain) and Erdivise (Dutch) matches every season, and also Europa league, and previously Champions league, before they gave their rights of the tournament to BT Sport) They also have a fantasy football page which is incredibly popular, even if you do only take care of your team for the first two weeks and then forget (don’t worry we all do it). It’s a free signup and they make their money through adverts, win win right?

That’s the thing with football, it’s in so many aspects of our lives and we don’t even notice it. It’s on YouTube, it’s on T.V. it’s in shops, it’s online… It’s everywhere, which is what makes it more than a sport. Nothing can give you the same flurry of feelings, like frustration, joy, love, hate, passion, involvement. Football has no equal’s for these and to call it ‘just a sport’ should quite simply be the 11th commandment.

Thanks for reading, until next time, see ya.

Fantasy Football imageFootball Boots Image, KSI image

Daniel Sturridge Back From Injury


Many Liverpool fans will have been waiting (for far too long) for Sturridge to come back from his injury and re-join the starting 11 of an incredibly average Liverpool this season, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for long term manager Brendan Rogers, as the narrow 3-2 win over Aston Villa at the weekend was what kept him his job as Liverpool manager… For now.

Sturridge scored 2 crucial goals at the weekend, which are what earned Liverpool their vital 3 points over Villa, one of which was a lovely worked play between him and Coutinho, the Brazilian wonder-kid, a recent fan favourite at Anfield. Despite there being whispers amongst worrying fans that Sturridge would never find the sort of form he had when playing alongside Barcalona’s Suarez, he got off to a great start at the weekend and gives the impression that his career at Anfield is far from over.

Ever since SAS (Suarez & Sturridge) scored over 52 goals between each other Danny has been plagued by injury, appearing only 3 times this season, and even less last year! However, it is clear that he still knows where the back of the net is, despite having to settle for Ings instead of Suarez as his strike partner…

Thank you for reading, until next time, see ya.

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